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The Girl
Hi, I'm Andie. I'm 17 years old. I live in the lovely city of Derwood Rockville, Maryland, and attend Montgomery Blair High, a school for nerds, as a senior. I'm crazy, quirky, extremely energetic, and described as "a short laughing asian girl". I enjoy web design, the colors pink and red, dwarf rabbits (I'm in love with my little bunny, named Cinnamon), and talking to people (also, GAIAAAAAAAAA). So seriously, if you'd like to get to know me, chances are, I'd love to meet you too.

When I'm not in silly mode, I become your average teenager, reading Naruto (BLEH kishimoto why'd you have to kill itachi) and Bleach, procrastinating on finishing homework, hanging out with friends, and spending all my spare time on the computer. Want to know anything else about me? Contact me. :]

The Site
Badonkatonk! (with the exclamation point) is kindly hosted by micron (Jusun Lee) on Createblog. Where did the (unfortunate sounding) name come from? It's a cool sounding name. And if you're wondering, I didn't attempt to name it badonkadonk. Seriously. It was all a coincidence that badonkatonk! sounds like badonkadonk.

My plans for this site? For now, it's just a personal sort of thing, and I'll update it from time to time with odds and ends. I'm definitely not going to become a wholesale graphics/layout/whatever site with a huge "GET YOUR STUFF HERE" sign on it, mostly because I don't have the time, and because, given my rapidly-changing interests, I probably won't have enough attention to feed this dinky site with anyways.

If you want some cool graphics, myspace/xanga/livejournal layouts, and a great community to hang around in, check out the linkage page for!

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